Plastic reinforcement chopped carbon fiber

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The carbon fiber chopped strand are based on the polyacrylonitrile fiber as the raw material. Via carbonization, special surface treatment,  mechanical grinding, sieving and drying.

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Chopped carbon fiber

Short-cut carbon fibers have good fluidity, and the shorter the length, the better the fluidity. By mixing short-cut carbon fibers with resin and granulating, then using injection molding to make various products, large-scale production can be achieved.

In the composite material industry, according to the range of matrix resin usage, it is required that the sizing agent must be compatible with the final matrix during the manufacturing process. In recent years, the progress in slurry chemical properties has led the industry to shift from solvent-based slurries to water-based slurries, making the sizing process cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

There are four common types of short-cut carbon fibers: sheet-shaped, cylindrical, irregular, and unsized. The feeding capacity of twin-screw equipment is: cylindrical > sheet-shaped > irregular > unsized (unsized short-cut fibers are not recommended for twin-screw equipment use).

Thermoplastic carbon fiber particles with PI/ PEEK

Chopped carbon fiber1

Among them, cylindrical short-cut carbon fibers have higher requirements for raw materials and processing equipment, but their performance is also better.

Below is some technical parameter of our chopped carbon fiber for your reference.

Raw material

Sizing content

Sizing type

Other information

50K or 25K*2



Sizing can be customized


Standard value

Average value

Test standard

Tensile Strength (Mpa)




Tensile Modulus (Gpa)




Elongation at break








We can not only produce thermosetting carbon fiber short fibers, but also produce thermoplastic short-cut carbon fibers. It all depends on your requirements

Thermoplastic carbon fiber particles with PI/ PEEK

AdvantageHigh strength, high modulus, electrical conductivity
Usage: EMI shielding, Antistatic, reinforcement the engineering plastic

Chopped carbon fiber

Material  Carbon fiber & PI/PEEK
Carbon fiber Content (%) 97%
PI/PEEK content(%) 2.5-3
Water Content(%) <0.3
Length  6mm
Thermal stability of surface treatment 350℃ - 450 ℃
Recommended use Nylon6/66, PPO, PPS, PEI,  PES,  PPA,  PEEK, PA10T, PEKK, PPSPC, PI,  PEEK

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